Let’s Get You Started with Social Media

If you currently don’t have your holistic wellness business set up on Facebook, Twitter and the other relevant social media websites, we can help. We will set you up an account and optimize it for you, and then train you on how to use it.

Managing Your Social Media

If you already have your business on the relevant social media sites, we can help you optimize your listing, manage it, create and maintain a schedule for posts, as well as handle your social media marketing budget for your holistic wellness business.

Not only is it important for holistic wellness entrepreneurs to have their website connected to social media, it’s also vital for you to provide helpful and fresh content to their customers.

Keeping your social media listings up to date can help you drive traffic, build loyalty and increase conversions.

Ready to discuss social media marketing, and how it can drive traffic for holistic wellness entrepreneurs?

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Let’s Get You Started with Email Marketing

We will suggest email marketing providers to you and create an account for you.

Next, an email opt-in form will be added to your website to grow your list of leads.

Then we will design a custom newsletter template to match your business brand.

Keeping your business in front of your customers through email updates, ensures that they remember you. With today’s busy lifestyle it’s important to help your customers keep you in mind.

Email marketing that provides valuable content and tips for your customers positions you as a thought leader, and the go-to person for their next project.

Want to learn more about social media and email marketing, and how it can expand revenue for holistic wellness entrepreneurs?

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