STEP 1: Analysis

how the web design process worksWe will discuss your specific holistic healing and wellness businesses needs, including the current function and direction of your company (and current website if applicable).

During this discovery process, we will request examples of website styles you prefer, to determine the “image” you would like to build or maintain.

Web addresses of your peers will be requested, to ensure industry-appropriate web development services that will work best for your holistic healing or wellness business.

Any written requirements will be gathered for the site design – redesign – enhancement.

Any ongoing maintenance needs will be identified and discussed.

STEP 2: Prototyping

We do research based on your preferences and information gathered during the discovery process. Then we create and customize the graphics for your site.

A website will be developed that is most effective for your holistic healing and wellness business.

Final approval will be requested on the organization, mapping and hierarchy of all pages, if applicable.

STEP 3: Development

Once your approval to proceed is received, we will begin working on the site itself.

We will build a few pages to show you how the site will function. Approval will be requested again before working to complete the rest of the site.

Depending on the size and scope of your website, we will periodically send you the status with links to the website.

During and after web development for your holistic healing or wellness business, we will make sure your site functions the same on all major internet browsers and that the site is optimized for 800×600 resolution or greater.

Upon site completion, the entire site will undergo a quality review, with site-wide checks for spelling grammar, consistency, and navigation.

STEP 4: Release

Although the site will undergo a quality review by us, you and your staff are encouraged to review the site, to verify that everything is in place and correct. Once satisfied, you will sign off on the site. We ask you to wait to do this until you are happy enough to recommend us to your business associates.

Your website is now launched.

What To Provide Us