web design pricingEvery company has unique needs

There are many variables that will affect the price, such as number of pages or articles, amount of products in a store, custom design work, and applications such as booking forms and event calendars.

Are you looking for more clients?

Then consider email marketing, local SEO, social media, and affordable advertising as part of your package. This will create a powerful and successful online presence.

Let’s discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to give you an accurate quote on an affordable web design for your holistic health center.

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Custom Designed WordPress Websites

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS)
A CMS website’s content is controlled with a web interface and a database.
The database and PHP programming are the foundation for dynamic components.

Simply put, this technology enables your visitors to send in forms, register for events, search a directory, leave a comment on your blog, or give feedback about your products.

Today’s websites are more community oriented and social.
The most successful websites are dynamic and invite interaction.

In order to help you plan, here are some of the available web design features.

  • appointment booking form
  • registration for events
  • calendar
  • newsletter registration form
  • shopping cart
  • directory listings
  • blog
  • articles
  • FAQ
  • photo gallery

WordPress websites allow you to easily update your own site

Just click some buttons. No programming knowledge is necessary to change your text.

WordPress uses cutting-edge technology and allows for future expansion of your site.

A free online video tutorial is supplied.
We also offer phone consultations for more guidance.

Don’t have time to update your own site?
We also provide monthly web maintenance.

Why Holistic Web Designs is the Best Choice


Michele Quinn, the founder of Holistic Web Designs, has worked in the graphics field since 1988.

Her experience will ensure your website works for your business. A website can automate many tasks for you, so you and your employees can use your time more effectively.


Are you a holistic practitioner? Michele understands energy and frequency. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Master. Her knowledge of energy comes through in all of her website designs.

Your website will be a unique design created for your energy signature.


Similar to the importance of product appeal in the supermarket, our focus is on making your website stand out and look the best it can. Customers tend to trust companies and websites that look more established and professional.


We love what we do and take it seriously.

We enjoy the art of design and development. You will find that it shows in our work.


We research your company, your peers, your needs.

After researching your holistic health center, we’ll create an affordable web design that looks professional and is easy to use.

Clients from all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia have utilized our affordable web design services.

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