One of my favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz.
The movie’s rich imagery is magical.

Ever notice the parallel between Oz’s quirky characters and issues on your website?

Your holistic website is a lot like the Emerald City.
It shines and beckons to far-off visitors.

Your clients travel the Yellow Brick Road to find their way to your services or offers.

Along the way are scary things like Flying Monkeys and a Wicked Witch.
In this case, colossal mistakes that cause clients to flee from your website.

A website’s magical task is to help visitors discover if they want to work with you.
But, what good are ruby slippers if they’re broken?

There are literally dozens of things that can cause your website to fail.

Here are the three most common mistakes…

#1: Clutter and Chaos and Confusion, Oh My!

Websites that cause confusion, or look cluttered and chaotic, make a visitor feel like they’re on Dorothy’s perilous trek through the Haunted Forest.

Websites that offer too many options, too many colors, not enough white space, and too much clutter create a twister of chaos.

Your client’s head spins with frustration and overwhelm.
Overwhelmed website visitors do what? They flee the forest.

Magic Wand #1:
Determine an Important Action You Want People to Take

Is your goal to grow your email list?

  • Use a big button and graphic on the email signup form.
  • Place the form somewhere on the top half of your website.
  • You can also add a second form at the bottom of each post or page.

Do you want visitors to make a purchase?

  • Place the product front and center.
  • Use alluring photos of the product.
  • Use a clear call-to-action, such as “Buy Now”.

Is your goal for clients to book a session with you?

  • Write an enticing call-to-action that lists a benefit.
  • Add a big button that links to your booking software.

Remember these three points:

  • Keep it simple for them to do
  • Make it the clearest action to take
  • Make it the easlest way for them to begin their transformation

Your goal and its visibility are the key!

Magic Wand #2: It’s All About Their Desires

The Tin Man desires a heart, the Cowardly Lion needs courage, and the Scarecrow wants a brain.

Just like the Oz characters, all of your website’s content needs to be about the transformation your potential clients search for.

So give your clients what they want!

Your training, list of modalities, or your unique way of working, should not be on your website’s Home page.

All of the Home page content should tell your client’s own Oz-like story:

  • What do they deal with?
  • How does it limit their life?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What does their life look like after they make the transformation?

The About Me or Bio page can also connect your journey to the change your client desires.

#2: The Scarecrow – A Dysfunctional Website

Is your website doing a brainless scarecrow dance with broken links and confusing menus?

A smart website has all links and forms in working order.

A smart website with easy menus and navigation are like a fun jaunt down the Yellow Brick Road. There’s only one road, so they can’t get lost!

Magic Wand #1: Test All the Links on Your Website

Is your website built in WordPress?
If so, there’s a quick solution for broken links.
Install the plugin Broken Link Checker.
It finds all the broken links on your site and helps you fix the links.

Do it now!

Magic Wand #2: Test the Email Sign Up and Contact Forms

Almost every website has a contact form so a client can easily email you.

Do you also offer a free giveaway that people sign up for?
Imagine the frustration when it doesn’t get delivered.
It feels like the ruby slippers were snatched right off their feet!

Broken forms send a clear message to potential clients that you don’t value them enough so they can connect with you.

On your website, go sign up on all the forms to be sure everything works like it should.

#3: The Tin Man – Rigid and Outdated Design

Your website needs oil just like the Tin Man.
The oil in this case is a flexible, mobile-friendly website!

As of early 2015 more than 50% of all websites are viewed on a mobile phone or tablet.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’re telling half of potential clients you don’t care enough to give them a good experience on their phone.

Do you think they’ll want to hire you?

Design is extremely important.
No matter how new your current site, if it looks unprofessional or like it was built 10 years ago, it’s doing you more harm than good. Seriously.

Magic Wand #1: Be Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is not just a fleeting fad.
Mobile is a complete revolution of how people view websites.

Your website absolutely needs to be mobile responsive.
Even if your site isn’t that old, having it setup for mobile is a vital part of your business.

Magic Wand #2: Get a Professionally Designed Website

A website designed by a professional nearly always outperforms a site that’s less than professional.

Hire a good designer.
It’s the highest value you can bring to your business.

A Happily-Ever-After Ending

You might think these bloopers are just harmless Munchkins.
However, when you stay lost in the Haunted Forest, it…

  • costs you clients and credibility
  • overwhelms potential clients and forces them to flee
  • eliminates any possibility of their referring you to others
  • gives visitors a negative first impression of what it’s like to work with you
  • conveys a low-quality and unprofessional image

If your website has one or more of the 3 colossal bloopers you should fix them.
Pronto, Dorothy.

Glinda the Good Witch is here to help you.

Discover the magic we can conjure up!

Heart to Heart ♡

Michele (a.k.a. Glinda)